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Prior to the commencement of services, I will come to your home to meet you and your pets. Here we can establish a plan that will suit the needs of you and your pets while you are away.

Daily pet visits are a great relief for pet owners who travel a lot, work long hours, or are simply taking a well-deserved vacation.

Visits are available for any type of pet (dogs, cats, hamsters, fish, birds and more) and include feeding, play/walking, litter box and/or yard pet waste cleanup, lots of attention, and basic home maintenance like plant watering, rotating lights and blinds, bringing in mail and newspapers, and home security checks.

Visits can be a good deterrent for potential burglars, and help keep your pets safe, well fed and loved.

Visits last a minimum of 30 minutes and occur at a time agreed upon by all parties.

On-leash walks are great for all dogs. Physical activity is extremely important, and for a dog, nothing replaces a good walk, not even a big back yard. Exercised dogs are happy, healthy, better behaved dogs.

I'll come to your home, leash up your dogs and take them for up to a half hour walk in your neighborhood. I'll customize the walk to fit you and your pet's needs.

I carry pet waste bags at all times. Your dog will receive lots of love, attention and exercise!

If you don't have pets in the home, but would like to have your home and yard maintained in your absence, I will water your plants, bring in your mail and newspapers, rotate lights and blinds, and perform home security checks to keep your home looking occupied and help deter burglars.

Chandler Service Area

The Chandler service area is based on an 8 mile radius from Pecos Road and Alma School Road in Chandler, AZ. View the map below showing a rough outline of my service area.

Important Terms

A reservation will not be accepted without payment in advance or special arrangements agreed upon by both parties.

Payment is accepted by check or cash. There will be a $30 service charge for each returned check.

Should you decide to retain my services, I ask that you provide me with one set of house keys at the initial consultation. When the keys are not on myself, they will be kept on file in a secure location. If keys are not retained at the initial consultation, a fee of $10 will apply to arrange for picking them up at a later date. Please be sure to check that any new keys actually work.


The Pet Nannies are not simply pet sitters - they are peace of mind. Whether about my cat, or keeping an eye on a specific medical issue
related to her, or the delivery I have asked them to watch for, or bringing in the mail, I leave home knowing everything will be well cared for. And they have an uncanny knack of knowing exactly when to send a picture of my pet to show me just how well she's doing in my absence.
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~ Mollie R.

When I travel for work or go on vacation, I have total confidence that Bree and Mary take care of my beagles as if they were their
own "babies" - they even text me pictures when I'm gone. The dogs get so much attention and exercise, I sometimes think they look forward to my next trip out of town!
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~ Andrea L.

One day a friend of mine suggested that I call Bree, I set up an appointment with her the next day. The minute she walked in the
door Tucker, with his tail waggin, ran straight to her. I knew immediately that this was the one. We went outside and he immediately grabbed his fetch toy.....that's when the true bonding began! She asked me all the right questions in terms of what he needed and how to best care for him. Needless to say, I hired her on the spot. From that point forward it has been an amazing experience. Just the mention of her name gets his tail waggin, I think he has a crush! I trust her, she's beyond dependable and loves my boy.....what else could I possibly ask for! Tucker and I are lucky beyond measure, we both made a new friend who's an amazing person who's love of animals is infectious, you'll see!!
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~ Belinda M.

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